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Take Control, Part 1: Domains

June 24, 2015

As a web development company, from time to time we have new clients coming to us for new websites because they're either not happy or their previous webmaster or web company is no longer available. Unfortunately, some of these clients don't have control over their own domain.

Why Is It So Importa…

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Designing Your Website for Mobile Browsing

September 17, 2014

Mobile browsing is on a steady rise, to the point of outnumbering desktop browsing. According to the Branding Brand Mobile Commerce Index (August 2014), mobile commerce browsing surpassed desktop commerce browsing for the first time ever just last month. That means more people shopped on their smart…

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Website Design Trends in 2013

October 11, 2012

With technology continuing to engage people in real time, it’s not surprising that upcoming web design trends for 2013 will lean more toward the preferences of Smart Phone and mobile users, and will try to integrate viewing habits between electronic devices as seamlessly as possible. Here are some t…

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Evolution of Web Design

November 1, 2011


Looking back at old website designs is fun and nostalgic, not unlike looking back at old photos of yourself and laughing about the hairstyles. What did your hair look like in the 80's? Honestly, mine looked something like this.

Early websites were very plain - often a white background, and bl…

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Is your website a websty?

July 7, 2011

Despite improvements in technology and guides to designing quality web sites, poor website design is rampant! So rampant in fact, that there are whole websites dedicated to showing some of the worst (for example   

A “websty” is a website which, like pigsties, is poorly…

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Website Design Trends 2011

April 14, 2011

According to Jacqueline Thomas of Web Design Ledger, “2011 is not about beauty, it’s about function. The trends for this new year and emerging decade are responsive design, constant connection and virtual reality.”  Graphic designers and web designers alike are expanding their creativity and pushing…

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