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Marketing in Economic Uncertainty

July 21, 2011

In uncertain economic times, it is an all-too-often sight  small and medium sized businesses closing their doors. Your favourite dress shop may suddenly have a "closing out" sale, the owner finally forced to close the doors due to declining sales. A local food establishment, struggling for mo…

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The Fine Art of Networking

July 20, 2011

Well there is that word again... networking. You know you are supposed to do it; it's good for business they say! However, showing up unprepared is often worse than not showing up at all.

Here is a quick and dirty checklist to make sure you are ready to make the right first impression while y…

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Oooh Shiny! What's New on Facebook

July 14, 2011

Facebook has rolled out a number of new features that have made me a wee bit hyper and giddy. I'm talking drink a litre of maple syrup straight out of the jug kind of energy. But hey, at least I embrace the nerdiness!

If you've somehow managed to avoid Facebook for your business up to this point, h…

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Branding on Vancouver Island

July 13, 2011

It wasn’t so long ago that during a marketing consultation a business owner asked me, “What’s this new branding thing all about?” I thought it odd but after a few more similar comments that year (2005) I realized that branding in Nanaimo (at the time) and branding on Vancouver Island, and the conc…

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Is your website a websty?

July 7, 2011

Despite improvements in technology and guides to designing quality web sites, poor website design is rampant! So rampant in fact, that there are whole websites dedicated to showing some of the worst (for example   

A “websty” is a website which, like pigsties, is poorly…

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The Case for Rebranding

June 28, 2011

Re-branding is defined as the process a business undertakes to alter or completely change its brand image in order to reposition itself in a market or to remain current and relevant. Re-branding may include changing the business’ logo, company colours, slogan, marketing materials and website. It may…

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The Most Affordable Billboard on Vancouver Island: Your Car

June 7, 2011

So you have a tight marketing budget, but you need toadvertise nonetheless. With limited options, it helps to get a bit creative.

As our business spans Vancouver Island, I have an additional office... my car. Driving up and down the Inland Island Highway on a daily basis, usually from Parksville t…

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Is Marketing Important to Businesses in the Comox Valley in 2011?

May 31, 2011

The short answer to this mildly tongue-in-cheek question, Is Marketing Important to Businesses in the Comox Valley in 2011?, is yes. The longer answer requires a little more explanation.

2011 has brought with it several challenges to businesses on Vancouver Island in general and the Comox Valley …

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What's the Deal with QR Codes?

April 20, 2011


In a post last week we mentioned those funny little square thingys called Quick Response codes, or QR codes. Even if you didn’t know what they were, you’ve probably seen them around somewhere by now – maybe on a Realtor®'s sign, in a store flyer, on a bus shelter, printed on a coaster in a bar, …

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Website Design Trends 2011

April 14, 2011

According to Jacqueline Thomas of Web Design Ledger, “2011 is not about beauty, it’s about function. The trends for this new year and emerging decade are responsive design, constant connection and virtual reality.”  Graphic designers and web designers alike are expanding their creativity and pushing…

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Why Most Business Owners & General Managers Suck at Marketing

April 8, 2011

Really, I have nothing against business owners. I am one. GM? Been there done that too. So I know firsthand just how demanding and challenging the position can be.


3 reasons why marketing shouldn’t fall to a business owner or GM:

Customer demands, business challenges, staffing, hir…

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What Colour is Your Hat?

March 30, 2011

We receive a lot of questions from businesses in Courtenay, Parksville, and Nanaimo about SEO and what it’s all about. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), using so-called “black hat” techniques to get your website ranked higher can get you into a lot of hot water - and let’s face …

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Reality Check... Augmented Style

March 21, 2011

You've probably heard the term augmented reality by now. But just in case, here's a Wikipedia snippet for you:


Augmented reality
(AR) is a term for a live direct or an indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input, such as s…

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Customers Dislike you...what to do?

March 7, 2011

So, it's Monday morning, and with a spring in your step you start your work week with a quick review of your social networks.

Check a couple friends' photos from their holidays, your Aunt Margaret's cat doing something she thinks is hilarious, then head to your Business Fan Page.

Right there on yo…

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Rebrands for 2011: Love it or Lump It?

February 25, 2011

Corporate branding... the big brands we all know – McDonald's, Home Depot, Microsoft.  

It is a constant evolution. It is sometimes as subtle as a change in font or colour, updating the look to appeal to new demographics or merely growing up along with their aging market.

Here are some rebra…

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