Rebrands for 2011: Love it or Lump It?

February 25, 2011

Corporate branding... the big brands we all know – McDonald's, Home Depot, Microsoft.  

It is a constant evolution. It is sometimes as subtle as a change in font or colour, updating the look to appeal to new demographics or merely growing up along with their aging market.

Here are some rebrands that have taken place already in 2011 – do we like the new look?  Or not so much?


Mousetrap verdict... like it! Clean and brand focused. Not like you don't know the mermaid by now.  
If you don't, welcome back from your coma – it is 2011 BTW :)


Mousetrap verdict... makes me feel like having a nap on my keyboard – booooorring!


Mousetrap verdict... love it! Much more modern than the previous logo – 
what were the old buildings supposed to stand for anyway?


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