How to Build Your Dream Team

October 27, 2011

 #1 - Hire people who are smarter than you and GET OUT OF THEIR WAY

Marketing is not a solo act. With constant changes in technology, it's key to hire people with strengths in areas where your current roster is lacking. Next, allow them to have the ability to do what you hired them to do.  Micro-managed staff are typically NOT happy staff.

#2 - Don't hire a Yes-Man / Yes-Woman

As much as I like to be told I am right, hiring staff members who have different perspectives on things helps to enrich the depth of how you can serve your clients. Leaders are always stronger team members than Followers.

 #3 - Get them out there

In networking, often only the owners/managers of the business get out to "press the flesh". Bringing your team along with you shows people that you are not a one-man-show and builds the exposure of your business. Staff will have a different perspective of the business that is likely very interesting to your prospective clients.

#4 - Find people with long term goals in mind

Knowing where people are headed is often much more important than where they have been. Having conversations about your staff members 'future goals helps you to understand where you may need to be hiring down the road. Your junior hire may have their eye on a seat in the sales team. Knowing this from the get-go can help to push them in the right direction.

#5 - Once you have your dream team - make sure you keep them

Asking questions and checking in with staff is critical. Try and have one-on-one as well as group conversations about their day-to-day in order to make sure everyone is working happily and, in turn, more effectively.

A team is only as strong as it's weakest link, so hiring confident and motivated individuals is the best way to ensure the longevity of your business. 

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