Customers Dislike you...what to do?

March 7, 2011

So, it's Monday morning, and with a spring in your step you start your work week with a quick review of your social networks.

Check a couple friends' photos from their holidays, your Aunt Margaret's cat doing something she thinks is hilarious, then head to your Business Fan Page.

Right there on your wall... NEGATIVE FEEDBACK FROM A CUSTOMER!

Your first thought... delete it, before someone sees it and NEVER shops in your store again. Wrong!

Your best best with negative reviews is to face them and deal with the situation. The customer was unhappy with the service or product? Let them know you understand their frustration, then take steps to settle the issue. And yes, you are going to do this in front of ALL your Facebook followers. Deleting the post could result in other posts (likely to be much more harsh than the first) popping up where you have no ability to remove them. This could be the start of a VERY destructive wave of PR nightmares for you and your business.

Consumers are often fickle and distrusting – I can personally vouch for that – when someone sounds off, they want a response. Deal with their issues publicly and quickly. I am not saying you have to bend over backwards and give them the farm. Just follow your policies and give them the satisfaction of being heard. 

Your other customers will see this and you will definitely score some goodwill if you turn the unhappy customer into a smile-worthy supporter instead. 


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