What Not To Wear – Tips on Business Headshot Photo Shoots

March 21, 2012

It’s just your headshot, so why does it matter what you’re wearing? It matters because there are things you can wear that will make the use of your headshot photo more versatile and more complimentary. Here are a few tips from a professional photographer:

1. Colours - Wear solid colour mid-tones, as plain white doesn’t look best. Try to wear colours that compliment your skin tone as this will help accentuate your natural features.

2. Necklines – When choosing a neck line, keep in mind that a V-neck line will lengthen your appearance, while a round neckline will shorten it. What can we say about turtlenecks except - just avoid them! A collared V-neck or leaving a few buttons undone is popular.

3. Patterns - Avoid bold color and crazy patterns and please, absolutely no logos, graphics or writing. Logos can introduce issues about product placement and you must be careful about legal issues. Also, they distract from your face which is what you want people to recognize. Very bright reds, yellows and oranges can be distracting as well.

4. Glasses – If you always wear glasses keep them on, the lighting can be adjusted to eliminate the glare.

5. Best Advice - Wear something you are comfortable in that makes you look great and feel relaxed! If you normally wear a golf shirt to meetings, don’t show up for your business photo in a suit and tie. You want your image to embrace power but be approachable!

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