Trade Show Secret - Wear Bling!

February 27, 2012

Tradeshows provide an effective way to use face-to-face marketing to sell your product or service, providing you with a specifically targeted audience on a larger scale.

It is important to remember that you are not the only business attempting to sell your product or service, so you will want to ensure that you stand out among your peers while getting the highest return on your investment.

The use of unique decorating features at your booth is essential to draw in your audience.  Dressing conservatively will help you to be successful as there are many opportunities to meet different types of people at trade shows.  Your outfit should be professional and suit the type of business that you are in. 

While your outfit needs to be conservative there is value in ensuring that you stand out.  Wearing an eye-catching piece of jewellery will entice the female audience to come and ask you about it as well as lessen the fear that people have at tradeshows of being sucked into a “Sales pitch”.  Use the piece of jewellery as a conversation starter with your audience. 

Good posture and stance will ensure that potential clients are not deterred taking that extra step towards your booth.  Remember not to sit or stand behind a table, keep a genuine smile on your face and don’t cross your arms – this allows you to seem more inviting instead of intimidating.

Having a give-away at your booth that will catch attention as people approach will help you to stand out in the memories of the participants.  An example of this would is if you are exhibiting at a Bridal Show, give away a staggette package instead of an item targeted only to the bride. The bride is only 1/5 of your audience and will be coming with an average of 3-5 other women who will be tired of looking at stuff geared only to the bride by the time they get to your booth.

A very important tip to ensure the highest return on your tradeshow investment is to follow up with participants approximately a week after the trade show. Tradeshow participants are often overwhelmed with the amount of energy, information and businesses that they meet.  A friendly e-mail reminding them of who you are and inviting them to join your mailing list is a great way to stand out from your competition.

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