Soft Selling in a World of Hard Selling

December 15, 2011

When thinking about soft selling there are a few things to consider when using this approach.  Soft selling allows the client to take the time to think and make an informed decision about the product or service they are purchasing.  Instead of just simply selling a product, time is taken to teach the client and ensure that they are properly informed about how your product or service will benefit them prior to them making a decision.  A client will be more willing to accept the price tag of what you are selling when they see the added value that they are getting by buying your product or service. 

It is important to avoid typical sales strategies when dealing with your clients.  Customers can tell when they are being given a sales pitch, so forget the pitch and connect with your client.  Good listening skills always come in handy so remember to spend more time listening to what your customer has to say and less time talking. 

Be confident in yourself and what you are selling – your confidence will show to your client, and they will be more willing to trust you.  In turn, when your client trusts you they will be more likely to refer their friends to you in the future.

When using the soft-sell approach it is important to remember that there needs to be balance between not pushing hard enough and pushing too hard on the sale.  When closing a soft sell it is important to use an implied start.  An example of this is “I can begin this project on Monday for you if you would like”. This allows you the opportunity to close the deal with the client without seeming aggressive.  

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