Non-Traditional Networking

March 14, 2012

Business is obtained by starting and maintaining good working relationships, whether with your suppliers, your customers or even your competition.

Networking allows you the opportunity to create and grow relationships. The old-fashioned method of networking – people crammed together in a stuffy room with a bunch of strangers fighting to see who can collect the most business cards - is not always the best way. There are many non-traditional methods of networking that are just as good, and in some cases better than, regularly scheduled meetings.

Being social and active in your community allows the community to learn more about you, and, whenever they see you, it will remind them that you are available to do business. Whether you join a social club, sport club or volunteer on a committee you will have opportunities to meet new people.

When out golfing, remember to keep business cards in your golf bag, as golfing is a great example of a non-traditional networking medium. Golfing allows you to spend 3-5 hours with a group of 3 other people, some of whom may not be people with whom you have previously established a relationship. Use the time to get to know your golfing partners on a personal level. A relationship with you may entice them to buy your product rather than the product of someone they do not know. Golf will also allow you to network while enjoying a game that you love.

Traditional networking groups should still be used, as it allows you to be a part of a large group of like-minded business people in one room with the same purpose in mind. Take the time to look for fun ways to network as well. 

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Hi Jenny, I find the golf course is a great place to find out who people really are, it takes them out of there element and exposes there true character.