Why Most Business Owners & General Managers Suck at Marketing

April 8, 2011

Really, I have nothing against business owners. I am one. GM? Been there done that too. So I know firsthand just how demanding and challenging the position can be.


3 reasons why marketing shouldn’t fall to a business owner or GM:

Customer demands, business challenges, staffing, hiring, firing, training, managing other managers, leading, motivating, and inspiring already stretch one's time. And that's before throwing marketing into the mix. Yes, more often than not business owners and/or GM’s are tasked with planning, organizing, instituting, and implementing the marketing for the business. And if you've been in this position before, you know that it's pretty easy to push marketing-related items to the back burner. But isn’t marketing really important to all businesses?

Energy & Focus:
You’re a GM. For kicks, let's just say you’ve worked your 50-60hrs a week but you’ve managed to find that perfect time slot at 9pm on Friday night to begin working on this season's sales & marketing strategy for your new product line (due in just under 2 weeks). How pumped are you to get cracking on this? How much creative energy do you have bottled up ready to unleash on this campaign? Or is your focus on a) catching up on sleep, b) catching your breath, or c) catching up on all the other duties/responsibilities you’ve shirked for the last couple of weeks. Even if you could find the energy and focus would it really be the best you had to offer?

OK, so now let's pretend that you’ve found the time, energy, and focus. You’ve sat down, pen and paper in hand, and it’s time to brainstorm. You look around and realize that the Friday-night time slot didn't really provided you with any other staff or social support besides your better half, who is most likely already asleep on the couch beside you. Creativity works best when there are multiple people involved. Ideas are spooled, tweaked, and regurgitated in multiple ways to produce concepts that you, on your own, would never have come up with. And this is only the planning stages, now imagine having to implement it.


Business Owners and GM’s are meant to run a business. Marketing takes too much energy, creativity, and focus to add to their already hectic and long work weeks. Do yourself and your business a favour and find some help.


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