Marketing Trends 2011

August 4, 2011

At the beginning of this year, Adweek declared 2011 “a truly pivotal year for the marketing industry”. We’re more than halfway through 2011 and we thought it was time to look at what marketing trends have emerged.

Brand Identity

What the experts say: One of the most important trends in marketing for 2011 is focused on brand identity, trust and transparency. This means that businesses are paying close attention to the development and use of their brands and using them in the most effective ways possible.

What we’ve noticed: At Better Mousetrap Marketing we have had a significant number of requests from businesses looking to re-brand. Many have old, outdated brands that need to be modernized; others are taking their branding in a completely new direction.

Social Media

What the experts say: Because wise use of marketing dollars is so important in this economy, many businesses – large and small – are choosing to move some of their advertising budgets away from traditional print, television and radio media and invest in online marketing tools such as Facebook and Google Adwords. More and more people are turning to their online social networks to get ideas and recommendations about products and services and savvy business owners now understand that social media must be a significant part of their marketing plan.

What we’ve noticed: At Better Mousetrap we get asked questions and comments like, “What about this social media stuff? Should my business be doing this?” and “I don’t know what all the fuss is about but my kids tell me I’ve got to have a Facebook page.” We’re noticing that even businesses which traditionally wouldn’t have considered social media are including it as part of their marketing strategy.

Annual Marketing Plans

What the experts say: Gone are the days of ad-hoc marketing – buying ads when the sales rep calls with a special deal, giving in to the 30th SEO “expert” who calls, or deciding to re-brand next week. 2011 is the year of the marketing plan – the longer term, well-considered and well-executed plan.

What we’ve noticed: At Better Mousetrap Marketing we’ve been developing more six month and twelve month marketing plans for businesses than ever before. Our clients tell us the knowing what marketing activities they are doing each and every month, in advance, helps them to prepare their activities appropriately.

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