Is your website a websty?

July 7, 2011

Despite improvements in technology and guides to designing quality web sites, poor website design is rampant! So rampant in fact, that there are whole websites dedicated to showing some of the worst (for example   

A “websty” is a website which, like pigsties, is poorly designed, badly laid out, cluttered and difficult to navigate. It will often have flashy, rotating or spinning things, display multiple font colours, have garish or busy backgrounds and leave you tired and agitated, and it will fail to convince you to stay (let alone buy)!

Because websites are a major component of the marketing work we do with our clients, we look at websites a lot. Because the goal of our company is to help our clients improve their bottom line, designing good websites which people will use and buy from is the key to our clients’ success. 

Have a look at your website and complete the following checklist:

  • My website’s navigation bar is in a centralized location, appears on every page, and is easy to follow•My website uses one font style and fewer than three font colours
  • My website is not text-heavy•My website makes appropriate use of images
  • My website has a clear theme that is conveyed to the audience
  • My website clearly indicates calls to action
  • My website makes it easy for people to contact me
  • I regularly get positive comments on my website
  • I get business from my website

Congratulations! If you ticked every box then chances are that your website is not a websty. If one or more of the boxes is unchecked, you may want to consult a web design professional (such as Better Mousetrap Marketing) to find out how you can improve your website.

Better Mousetrap Marketing designs business websites for clients in Courtenay, Comox, Nanaimo, Victoria, and the Lower Mainland. As a full-service marketing agency, we offer branding, re-branding, web design and marketing services. Developing well planned, well designed websites is one of our specialties.

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