Are Business Cards Still Relevant?

August 29, 2011

Let’s face it, there is an unwritten expectation that every business owner have a business card, but in this technological age where everyone has laptops, iPhones, and Blackberries, are business cards still relevant?

If you have any doubt about this question, try going to your next business networking event without your business cards. One of the first questions I get asked at these events is, “Do you have a card?”. Imagine saying, “No, actually, I’m running my business without business cards. You can contact me through my website or find me in the yellow pages.” Really? What does that say about you and your business?

Business cards are an easy and affordable way to get your contact information to potential partners and customers. They are a great way for people to quickly and accurately contact you, even when technology fails.

The way your business card looks and feels makes a lasting impression of your business – good or bad – so ensure it is professionally designed and printed on quality stock. Digital printing is completely affordable, so don’t skimp on using colour.

We’d love to know what you think – are business cards on their way out?

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