Oooh Shiny! What's New on Facebook

July 14, 2011

Facebook has rolled out a number of new features that have made me a wee bit hyper and giddy. I'm talking drink a litre of maple syrup straight out of the jug kind of energy. But hey, at least I embrace the nerdiness!

If you've somehow managed to avoid Facebook for your business up to this point, here's the superlite Cliffnotes version. Facbeook designed a special kind of profile just for businesses, organizations, products, and brands a while back (early 2009). Rather than adding a business as a friend, you can "like" them to get updates (used to be called becoming a fan). This is a one-way exchange, meaning that your privacy is still protected when you connect to other businesses on Facebook. And Mr. Ed Amame, the CEO of Sunshine Soybeans, cannot look through your vacation photos unless you want him to. Obviously there's more to Facebook pages than that, but I could go on and on for days if you let me.

Back to the new stuff! Facebook has introduced a few new features that help users find you and share your business with their friends. And don't think that these updates can't apply to your business, all companies big and small can take advantage of them – regardless if it's a large corporation or a mom & pop operation working right here on Vancouver Island.


Recommend This Place

You may have spotted this little box on the right-hand side of a Facebook page (must be a place page with a legit address). Remember the share button? Or reviews? Well, this is the superfantastic love child of those two functions. Not only can you gain valuable news feed exposure, it also acts as an endorsement badge on your page.



Geo-Targeted Sharing

This one's been around for a while now, but still not many people know about it. Do you have a special or deal that is only valid at one location? Maybe you're sharing a local news story or event that only certain communities would be interested in. If so, geo-targeting your updates can help improve your sharing success. To do so, click on the "Everyone" option just beside the share button when you go to make a Facebook update. Then, choose which countries, provinces, or even cities you want to share your update with and click Okay.






Favourite Places

If you've ever checked into a place on Facebook before, you might notice a "Hot or Not" of Facebook places popping up. Right now it's not exactly clear how Facebook will be using this information, but at the very least it will probably affect user's searching habits or the list of local spots when they go to check in somewhere.






Duplicate Places

Facebook is looking to users to help them sort out all the different Facebook places that have been pulled in from multiple locations. We saw the start of this a while ago when Facebook asked people to suggest edits to Facebook places (check out a page's info tab and you should see an "edit" button).




We're keeping an eye on these new features along with a few others and we're very excited to see what happens with them. Have you seen or tried any of them out yet? What did you think?






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